Who am I?

Tiny story, tiny bio.

A layout designer with a passion for print – that so-called dying medium. Novels, coffee-table books, magazines, reports, booklets, programs.
Give me paper, give me ink.

Digitally – I will oblige. I understand it is the way we move, and after all it is certainly an interesting medium with far greater possibilities.

I also have that particular, that painstaking – that sometimes annoying – trait that means I will organise your life into perfect little boxes, plan your week to a minute by minute schedule, and give you spreadsheets for days.

I have had the brilliant opportunities to live in Jamaica, Canada, England, Switzerland, Scotland, Vietnam and now New Zealand. New countries, new people. Difficult, weird, inspiring and entertaining. All things that have influenced my work and working culture alike.

For the professional bio, or to contact me, please refer to my all-encompassing
(and thoroughly engaging…) curriculum vitae.